I am such a big hit with my cousins Danielle and Niqui. Whenever I get home and they see me, each one tries to beat the other to exclaiming, “Oh, my prince is here,” referring to erm me. Usually, it is Niqui who gets to megaphone this, which leaves her older sister downtrodden for a couple of minutes.

Lately, they’ve been indirectly asking me to choose between them.

For example, Danielle was in a pink dress one day and she asked me if I like the color pink. I said yes and she bragged, “Niqui, kuya Mark liiiiiiiikes pink.”

Not to be outdone, Niqui, who was in a yellow dress, asked me if I love the color yellow, to which I said yes. “Ate, kuya Mark looooooves yellow.”

Whenever I join them at the dining table, they also fight about the seating arrangement.

“Kuya Mark, sit beside me!” Danielle would suggest.

“No! Kuya Mark, here, beside me!” Niqui would insist.

I can say that I’ve been very fair in treating the sisters. I love both of them, for different reasons though. I shower both with equal attention. I support their good traits and openly praise them for such.

Thing is, Danielle usually gives up when Niqui successfully catches my attention or when she sees me and her younger sister having a great time.

One time, she was all quiet and when I asked her what was bothering her, she replied, “You spend so much time with Niqui.”

Another time, I was cutting pieces of paper. She asked for a piece and scrammed. When she returned, she handed the piece of paper to me, with something scribbled on it.

“Cuya Mark, can you pis love me. Danielle.”

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. That broke my heart. Her mom also told me that one time when I had to leave, Danielle felt so sad that I had to go so she just hugged my pillow. :( How sweet. I wish Jude Law loved me that way!