After around a year of not seeing each other, I came across an ex-officemate a couple of weeks ago.

We were one big happy family back in the good old days, when she just scrammed without any warning, leaving our group and our workload a bit shaken. We never heard from her after that. No resignation letter, no explanation. Nothing. She actually caused some problems since we didn't instantly get a replacement thinking she'd still return. She never did, of course.

As her boss, I was naturally pissed with what she did. Thing was, we were kind of friends as well, so her disappearing act was really insulting to me.

Despite all these, I was totally cool with her when we bumped heads a couple of weeks ago, even if I made a promise in the past to never talk with her again. There was some quick chitchat and updating and checking of mobile numbers.

A couple of days after our reunion, she sent me a text message, confirming if I still had the same number.

And then another text message, a favor. She asked if she could give my name to a company she's applying at. Having buried the hatchet, I said yes, although quite belatedly since I couldn't instantly reply to her message.

After a couple of hours, she sent me another message, asking for yet another favor. She wanted me to lie. She wanted me to say that she wasn't fired and that she was earning P15,000-P18,000 already back then.

That was it.

That was just too much to ask for. It's not just because of how she suddenly turned her back on me (and the team) before. It's how she was bluntly trying to use me. I just didn't feel the sincerity of her messages despite the abundance of "please." She wasn't even offering me anything in exchange for the favor. She didn't even touch on our unresolved issue in the past.

I am a very kind, generous and nice person but I am not a doormat.

She may hate me for not answering the company's numerous phone calls, but really, she should be thankful instead. Who knows what I could spill?