Our room is so Domino-unworthy right now.

The wallpaper is peeling off. There's way too much stuff and not a lot of pretty storage for them. Plus there seems to be no space left for anything else.

Last week, I got sick and tired of our room's sorry state and I vowed to Domino-worthify it.

I bought mocha-colored paint for the walls and I can't wait for Mang Johnny (I say devil, he says dibol) and his son to peel off all the wallpaper and coat our walls with some mocha-liciousness. Honeybun and I originally wanted Moolatte as the color palette (mocha, dark brown and teal), but since I have to keep my old-rose carpet flooring for now, I guess we're stuck with some sort of strawberry-chocolate-coffee motiff.

Of course, I'm also very excited to throw away a lot of my material possessions.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.