When I was a teener, I ate anything and everything and I never gained a single pound. And then adulthood arrived, which gave me excess pounds and extra inches down there. Waist area, not further down, you silly billy.

Now I hate my tummy because it instantly gets bloated every time I eat, plus it takes forever for it to get toned. No matter how many diets I follow or crunches I make, my tummy just stubbornly remains a little too big and flabby. At least to me, that is, since a lot of people tell me that it doesn't look that bad. I don't believe them though.

While I'm not looking for a particular diet to follow right now, I wish I could find the discipline and the dedication and the resources to eat healthier (and maybe do some more crunches too). Ideally, I just wanna eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. No chicken, no beef, no pork, no fish. And no sweets, please! I think I've had enough of sweets this lifetime.

I've had my share of crazy eating habits in the past.

When I was in second year high school, my lunch for one whole year was a small bag of red Chippy and a tetrapack of Magnolia mango juice.

For 6 months during college, I ate nothing but tuna and rice.

Sometime during college, I also became a vegetarian for around half a year. That was very fulfilling, but the lifestyle was just so challenging I ended up going back to my carnivorous ways.

Now, I just eat whatever I want, whenever I want. So that means fastfood, foodcourt food, tapsi and lots of Taco Bell, Almon Marina and Chowking (kangkong with bagoong and tofu!!!). As much as I'd like to eat healthy though, the mall has so many irresistible choices that are so unhealthy, and not a lot of healthy, filling, affordable grub.

What makes everything so much harder is you (okay, I) usually do not have enough time and energy to think about and look for healthy food. One just grabs whatever is reachable. And they're usually junk.