I am very much enjoying how I have all the time in the world these past few weeks. While I've been trying to spend each day productively, I've also been catching up on some stuff I didn't have time for before, not-so-productive activities such as DVD marathons and sleep. One of these days, I'm dragging my lighter ass to the gym and go back to doing yoga, which my sore body now sorely misses.

I've also been going online most of the day, updating my accounts, blog/site-hopping and looking for some part-time writing jobs.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is such a huge opportunity for freelance writers out there in the worldwide web. It's all a matter of finding out which one works for you. I am actually overwhelmed with the all the choices. I'm currently studying each one thoroughly and I hope to find the perfect match very soon.

Mae, who has been making money writing web content, invited me to go back to the candy store today and without hesitation I said yes.

After having a quick lunch over at KFC (I was craving for coleslaw, but ended up partnering it with mushroom soup and some macaroni salad), we went to the candy store and was as usual happily overwhelmed with all the goodies in front of us.

I ended up buying America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 (now all I lack is Cycle 1), Top Design and Shear Genius (I adore reality TV), the sixth season of Family Guy (I want my future son Orb to be as witty as Stewie), plus compilations of several movies, including Bollywood flicks.

I am currently watching Sex and the City - I'm watching the first season so I've got a long way to go - and I can't wait to finish it and then watch Wilde with Jude Law and Brothers and Sisters so I can finally start with my new purchases.

Looks like the TV set's gonna be working extra hours the next few days.

Going back to the candy store - okay, the DVD-han - Mae and I decided to sit down and grab a sip from the nearby foodcourt after purchasing our goodies. Out of nowhere, I saw a couple of men running towards the stalls, passionately pointing at someone. I thought there was a snatcher on the loose so I instantly clutched my beautiful handbag.

It turned out to be a raid. It was exciting to see how the DVD girls quickly packed what they could, then ran as if they were competing in the Olympics. One particular girl got cornered by a raider and left without any choice, she just dramatically threw her wooden box of Prison Break Season 3's and Complete Season One of Melrose Place's.

I wanted to see some more action but shaken and scared Mae wanted us to leave already.

I think she just wanted to go home early so she can watch her The Practice, One Tree Hill and Weeds copies.