It’s been a while ever since Honeybun last wrote for the paper and today, an article of hers once again got printed. It’s extra special because it’s all about us and I swear it’s so beautiful I cried the first time I read it. Read below to know what I mean.

Dream Come True
By Bunny Anne Gapit

I don’t know what good I did in my life to deserve my boyfriend. I’m never the Godly type, but many times I’ve thought that He must really, really love me for Him to bless me with my boyfriend.

I didn’t even have to wait that long to receive the kind of love that girls, young and old alike, could only dream about. I don’t even feel inclined to describe his love, because all I know is that it’s perfect. And although I don’t know God too well, I can say that the love my boyfriend has for me may come close to His.

But the truth is, no matter how beautifully perfect he executes his love, when met with my strange and maladjusted ways, it becomes a disaster. For some reason, the dream that is HE becomes a nightmare when it’s WE.

However, I always try to conquer my difficult and ugly self, strive hard to match his ways, and give him what I owe him, what he deserves. It’s just that no matter what I’m capable of giving or showing, I always feel like it’s measly compared to what he does, and that he will always feel shortchanged.

It terrifies me to think that I can’t even compete with him and that I’d forever feel unworthy and beholden.

I don’t know where he’s learned what he knows. I don’t know where he draws his strength from. I am afraid to know where it’s all coming from. I don’t ever want to know it, and measure it, and realize that just like a dream, it can perish in an instant when one wakes up.

In all sincerity, I could say that it really doesn’t matter to me now how I’d been unloved before, by people and dreams that I wished had loved me back. I don’t care about how I’d stupidly wasted once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in my many attempts to scale some kind of success, worldly or esoterical. It doesn’t matter where other aspects of my life had gone all these years, just so I can sustain and protect the existence of the only real thing I have now.

All I need is just this dream-come-true in my life’s only romance. People search for it their whole lives, while I really didn’t have to wait that long to find it. He is what I need, and nothing else.