Food, as usual, has been the highlight of my past few days.

Honeybun and I have been frequenting Flavors of China in SM Southmall which has the worst service ever. First time I went there - during their opening - they forgot my order, which I guess was forgivable since they were newly opened. I totally made a semi-scene and scrammed - just when they were already bringing out my food after 30 minutes. Second time, they again forgot my order. Good thing my companions' food were already there and we were sharing so I didn't look stupid.

I am not a fan of Chinese food, but lately I was craving for some - and Honeybun and I ended up in Flavors of China. We tried their dimsum, which was above average, and their lemon chicken. It was actually a delight to eat - the breading was crispy and the chicken meat in abundance. It's just that the lemon sauce was overly sweet so after the whole meal, both Honeybun and I wanted to puke. To think that we also had calamansi for our dimsum and bottomless lemon iced tea. Overdose.

Some day last week, best boss in the world and I had lunch at Palms and I had this gigantic Sante Fe Chicken Salad. It was perfect, especially the tasty chicken strips. It was so huge i wasn't able to finish the tortilla shell base and some of the greens. After lunch we dropped by Starbucks to buy coffee (it's been forever!) and some (actually BBITW bought all the ) choco-frosted donuts available. Super super yummers.

The other day, Honeybun brought me some ubong from her mom who just came home from Singapore: Danish cookies, vegetarian yam cookies, chocolates and these wonderful little blocks of flavored cheese (ham, tomato, green peppercorn). And then last night, after previously fighting, Honeybun went home and handed me her peace offering: a bar of the Swiss Delice chocolate I've been wanting to taste forever. The flavor is Surprise Citron and Poivre and according to the wrapper it's actually extra fine dark chocolate with a fruity touch of lemon and black pepper. It was love love at first bite. Yummers!!! I can't wait to try their other flavors, especially that champagne one.