I used to have this weird friend. Everything was going great with the both of us, and then he suddenly disappeared. Nope, no drama there. He just disappeared.

And I miss him so much.

I miss him greeting me a happy birthday whenever he felt like it, especially during days when it’s not my birthday.

I miss him giggling whenever he found something funny – and then refusing to tell me all about it.

I miss him dragging me to the hospital so he can donate blood.

I miss us smoking in the park and talking about old, weird guys.

I miss him inspiring me to draw and paint and write songs.

I miss us singing that RuPaul song.

I miss him giving me packets of condoms and me opening them expecting to see something else inside and then him laughing because there’s nothing but a condom inside.

I miss us texting each other single words.

I miss having a weirdo in my life.