I’ve always been the kind of person who couldn’t feel anything but happiness upon the knowledge/discovery of two souls entwining. But when I heard how better and better PN and JO’s friendship was getting, happiness was nowhere to be found. As much as I want to feel happy for them, for finding each other, I just can’t knowing that I was originally in the picture, not PN.

It’s not as if there’s any jealousy or competition. I’ve realized it’s not about PN and his egotistical motives. It’s about me. Me and how I start and build a friendship, how I take care of it and give importance to it. I used to think that the finger should be pointed at me. If I really treasured my friendship with JO, if it really meant something to me then I shouldn’t have just let go of him that easily. I should’ve fought for the friendship and not just helplessly looked at the robber as if I couldn’t do anything.

The thing is that the so-called treasure itself wanted to be stolen.