I tried boxing yesterday. And I surprisingly had fun.

Of course there were hilariously cinematic moments, such as my pissed, almost impatient coach asking me to just f-ing exhale after every punch, or when another coach was guiding me with stretching, asking me to reach for my left "too" - he meant toe. And so many other instances I'll write about in the future.

While I felt like a dork whenever my coach asked me to do things again - correctly this time - I knew I was already getting it and the hang of things as well. It's just that I couldn't stop myself from being conscious. There were other people in the gym! I know they didn't care about me. But I couldn't help it!

Imagine, I was doing my model put while doing skipping rope.

Now you have to excuse me and the rest of my aching body. I want to go to my favorite barbero for a massage.