I once again tuned in to Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman last Sunday morning at 2AM and it was definitely not a disappointment - as expected.

John Nite, PJ Valerio, Derek, Sharmaine Santiago and the rest of the gang were perky and entertaining as usual. And the hodgepodge of guests both known and unknown were such a treat.

Billy Crawford was there but I didn't mind him. The performance of the duo known as MS Twins was more amazing. The F4-ish brothers sounded decent covering a Billy Crawford song even if they suffered from horrible wardrobe.

The highlight of the episode, however - the production staff knew it so they placed as the finale - was a dance number from the Boy Saging Dancers, which included a huge banana mascot.

At 3AM, everyone. A banana dancing on Philippine TV.

They danced to this song with the line "saging lang ang may puso" which was repeated again and again and again.

I swear I shall be sleeping the whole Saturday next week so I can stay up late and watch yet another entertaining episode of the show. I am once again hooked.