Anika turned 19 last Thursday and even if I didn’t have money anymore, I scoured for some so I can treat her to a birthday dinner.

We ended up at Friday’s and ordered baby back ribs, Cajun chicken fingers, buffalo wings and a dish with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms.

They all looked yummers and were actually yummers, I think, but at the end of the meal I realized what gave me the most satisfaction were the French fries and the corn on the cob. Strange.

Anika had to excuse herself to meet her childhood friend, Iya, so the moment she left, we asked the Friday’s staff to sing her a birthday song when she gets back. But it took her forever to return. So we ended up ditching the staff members who were already clutching their tambourines and maracas.

We met Anika at Starbucks (who apparently met up with someone who’s not Iya that liar!) and ordered some green tea frap and the new flavor, blackberry-green tea frap. There were other green tea goodies as well such as green tea éclair, green tea cheesecake and some sort of green tea marbled bread – which we vowed to try next time.

Highlight of my sister’s birthday? The extremely impolite and just totally rude Starbucks barista who didn’t want to give her our fraps because she wasn’t “Mark.” The stupid barista didn’t even want to give them to me until I showed her my receipt, which I didn’t do. I just snapped at her. I’ve been buying Starbucks forever and never for a single time presented my receipt. She totally ruined our night – for only 5 seconds though. It was pure heaven at first sip.