It was my cousin Bea's birthday last Monday (she's the one in red up there together with cousin Danielle) and she (okay, her mom and dad) treated family to dinner at Gilligan's. I missed eating real food so much so when the kare-kare, manggang hilaw with bagoong, friend chicken, barbecued pork, chicken and squid, sinigang and fish fillet arrived, I had no time to take pictures and just started devouring everything.

Family time is always a joy for me (how Cancerian of me, I know) and I guess some more joyful times are ahead of me now that my aunt is having yet another baby - finally a boy this time.

Also, I'm gonna be an uncle soon. Yuck, I feel old. I bet my younger sister feels older. Can't believe my cousin and my younger brother beat me to being a father. If my sister beats me to being parent, that's it! I can't wait to be a dad!!! And raise little Bjorks, M.I.A.'s, Marilyn Mansons, Grace Nonos and Cynthia Alexanders.