And John Nite, Shirley Fuentes, Sharmaine Santiago and the rest of the Walang Tulugan gang.

I strongly, passionately believe that Walang Tulugan with Master Showman is one of the most entertaining shows on earth.

I stayed up until 3AM last week just to finish the very amusing episode which had performances from Retrospect and a pretty kid named Vicky Pasion.

My most favorite performances would have to be the song number from the strangely-named Dance Squad Singers (where a member liked saying "Mamamatay ako" during certain parts of their original song), and the very spectacular, jolting performance of a belter named Loverine (how X-Men). She kept on caterwauling I didn't have a hard time staying awake. She even belted Beyonce's "Listen" a capella while angrily staring into the camera. Super entertaining, I swear.

Now I can't wait for the next episode.