I'm the type who won't go to the moviehouse on the first day of a film - even if it's a Jude Law flick.

So while there was so much buzz about Babel when it was shown when it was shown and it did sound like an interesting movie, I didn't go out and watch it in the moviehouse, first day or not.

The other night I finally got to watch the movie - and enjoyed it immensely.

Babel is composed of four interlocking stories: a Moroccan kid accidentally shoots a tourist using a rifle his father bought; a husband is traveling to Morocco together with his wife who accidentally gets shot; the Mexican nanny of the couple's kids brings them to her son's wedding and then encounters trouble during the return trip; a Japanese man who gifted a Moroccan a rifle is questioned by authorities while his deaf and mute daughter craves for some love.

Four different stories, all interesting and with unforgettable scenes. My favorites have to be a.) a Moroccan boy jacking off; b.) the panty-less mute and deaf Japanese girl letting a guy take a peak at her va-jay-jay and c.) the Japanese girl seducing a cop by taking off her clothes.

What can I say, sex and shockers sell. And I totally buy them. This doesn’t mean though that sex and nudity are the best selling points of the movie. They just make things more interesting. They Always make things more interesting.