Yesterday afternoon at Wendy's, while enjoying a cup of their yummy Frosty Jelly with the best boss in the wolrd, our eardrums were suddenly assualted by a very loud version of "Fuck It" by Eamon - the very dirty version, meaning come chorus, the f word was mentioned every 5 seconds.

There were kids littered in Wendy's and they - or even their parents - didn't seem bothered. I wasn't bothered because they weren't my kids.

After that song, they played "I Wanna Fuck You" by Akon. 

What do you know, it's the Fuck playlist!

Now we were directly seated beside the speakers so we asked one of the crew members to lower down the volume because our eardrums were already bleeding.

Someone did. And then he also changed the playlist.

Sayang. I wanted to know what f song was next.