My cousin Steph lent me a pirated DVD copy of The Pursuit of Happyness and told me to watch it if I wanted to cry.

I welcomed it with open arms, curious if it would indeed make me shed some tears.

The flick is all about Chris Gardner (Will Smith), a struggling salesman who after being dumped by his wife, takes custody of his son Christopher (Smith’s real-life son Jaden Christopher Syre). Even if it’s a farshot, Chris applies for an internship and surprisingly gets accepted. Catch is, there’s no pay or allowance.

Father and son go through challenge after challenge – from being kicked out of a motel to losing limited bone density scanners, Chris’ only source of livelihood. After a long string of obstacles, Chris finishes his internship and is offered a job at the company. Happy ending. The end.

There is something about Will Smith as an actor that I just don’t like, the way I hate Jim Carrey. Maybe it’s the cockiness or the overconfidence, but I didn’t really see that in him in the movie – which is a good thing. Still, I can’t say his performance was brilliant. I’m just glad he turned out to be bearable in the movie.

Smith’s son is easy on the eyes but sadly wasn’t given the chance to shine and be adorable and be challenged acting-wise in the movie.

Oh, and the tears? They were all from the main character when he finally got the job offer, with pay, of course.

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