Yesternight, I wasn't able to sleep much because I knew I'd see my godson Katsan in a while. I was so happy and nervous and excited all at the same time. I couldn't wait to see him again after he flew to Japan four years ago. However, I was also afraid of how he'd react upon seeing me. Would he be as sweet as he was several years ago? Would he even remember me?

Awhile ago, on our way to the birthday party of Hitomi (Katsan's sister), I got annoyed because it took Honeybun forever to apply her make-up so we were kinda late for the celebration. I felt like severeal seconds were wasted.

Our reunion was cinematic. My heart skipped three beats the moment I saw him again. He looked a little different: a couple of inches taller, teeth a little bigger, some pounds lighter. He even acted awkwardly, focusing on his toy robot and avoiding my eager eyes. I was heartbroken. But I didn't give up, of course.

It didn't take a while before he fully remembered. Who I am, how we met, what we shared, why we were together again.

We didn't have forever so I made sure we made the most out of the little time we had.

While I am a fan of theme parks and amusement centers, I am not a huge fan of actually riding the carousel, the bump cars, etc. But for Katsan, I rode each and every ride present - except for the rollercoaster. He kept on dragging me - saying no broke my heart - but I just couldn't.

When Katsan was small, he had a hard time communicating. He wasn't good with enunciation and he simply didn't talk a lot. Now he talks straight and so clearly - but in Japanese. It was so frustrating trying to have a conversation with him. Eventually, I just talked to him in English and he talked to me in Japanese. We didn't understand what the other was saying but somehow, we connected and just understood.

And then the time to say goodbye came. It was heartbreaking as usual but strangely, I didn't feel like crying. Katsan wasn't his usual crybaby self too. I guess it's because we'll be seeing each other again this Wednesday. I guess the tears will fall this Wednesday then.

I love my godson so much and I wish he were my own son. I can't wait to be with him again. I can't wait to have my own son.