I've been spending too much time with my laptop lately. I've been staying up late just surfing the net, checking out others' blogs and updating my several accounts. I can actually feel my eyes suffering from all the lack of sleep and my monitor's ultra brightness.

Concerned about my eyesight and the fact that I've been neglecting my other interests, I vowed to spend a little less time with my lappytoppy.

Awhile ago, I dropped by the heavensent Book Sale and was delighted to find out that they have new stuff. I instantly transformed into fight mode, like a super selfish brat in Willy Wonka-land.

My goal was to check if they have new issues of my favorite magazines: Domino, Real Simple and Blueprint. And they did!

And since I super love love Domino, I finally bought a couple of issues of its sister title, Lucky, which I am totally enjoying. I suddenly remember my friend Monique who's in Paris right now - she introduced the magazine to me a couple of years ago, back when we were still working for the celeb mag. We're Lucky sisters now!

To complete the mag reading experience, I also bought some munchies: dark chocolate-covered raisins, which are just heavensent.

Now you have to excuse me because I have to do some major mag reading.