...I didn't watch "If Only," I could have had a more productive night yesternight.

I had a bunch of discs waiting to be watched: "Heroes" (yeah, I'm a loser for still not having seen a single episode), a new reality show called "Age Of Love," "Tudor" and "The Pursuit of Happiness." And I chose "If Only" just because 3 semi-credible people told me it's a real tearjerker. I'm a sucker for tearjerking flicks.

And so Honeybun and I popped it in.

"If Only" is the story of Samantha (the lollipop/spoon-looking Jennifer Love Hewitt), a violinist who feels taken for granted by her businessman boyfriend Ian (the Jude Law-looking Paul Nicholls). They have a fight one day which eventually leads to the death of Samantha. Ian wakes up one morning and realizes that he has the chance to relive the whole day and actually, possibly stop his girlfriend's death.

After forgiving the very dragging exposition (nothing seemed to be happening and the movie looked as if it was a TV series that had all the episodes in the world), Honeybun and I gave up and just wanted to finally see that bawl-inducing scene. We waited and waited and waited.

There's this scene where Ian makes it possible for Samantha to perform a composition in front of a huge audience, backed by an orchestra - and everyone loves her. I super love love performance scenes so I was near tears (shallow, I know) during this particular scene. But I knew this wasn't the scene my friends were talking about.

And so we did some more waiting.

Until we saw the end credits.

I hated the predictable ending. Not that I'm brilliant or wiser than anyone, but anybody can predict the ending: the accident still happens, but this time, Ian dies instead of Samantha.

You know what could have made it a little more interesting? The brokenhearted Samantha crying herself to sleep, only to wake up and realize that she can relive the whole day and possibly change the future.

Oh well, the credits have been rolled.

Can't wait to watch another disc tonight.

Photo credit: www.allmoviephoto.com