My brother and I have this habit of exchanging DVDs. Recently, I handed him Prison Break, Heroes and America's Next Top Model.

Last week, he lent me The L Word - which he admitted to have seen and enjoyed with his girlfriend.

And so Honeybun - who also likes girls - and I started to watch a couple of episodes the other night and quite sadly, we easily got bored with the exposition. Stll we gave it a chance and just continued watching.

Honeybun pretty soon got hooked because of all the girl-to-girl action.

I on the other hand got hooked when I realized that I do like Eric Mabius (Tim Haspel in the show and Daniel in Ugly Betty). I just adore how pale and fit he is. He looks kinda lost and out of it and a little mentally unstable sometimes but that just makes him more attractive. Well, at least to me.

And so I continue to watch the series, staring whenever Eric's onscreen. Too sad he's only in the first season, according to Wikipedia, and then just appears once in the next two seasons.

Oh well, at least there's Ugly Betty.

Photo credit: www.vamppire.com/eric/