Sundays have always been a family day for our clan. Even without planning or agreement, everybody just appears in our BF Resort house for lunch, chitchat, snacks, TV, naps and even more food.

Several years ago, it was just cousins and aunts and uncles – until everyone grew up and started dating. So now the family’s bigger and the house seems smaller.

Last Friday, it was my lovely lola’s birthday so we dropped by and gave her a roll of her favorite ube macapuno cake. Not everyone was there – because the scheduled party was the following Sunday – but we nevertheless had loads of fun goofing around, taking pics and stuffing ourselves silly, of course – with spaghetti and chicken lollipops.

Sunday came and it was an even greater party. A lot of relatives were there and there was (yay) more food: fried rice, barbecue, mechadong manok, potato salad, adobong balun-balunan, lumpiang isda, baked mac, minatamis na saging, puto. (I was so busy putting stuff in my mouth I didn’t have time to actually take snapshots).

Everyone was just so happy – exchanging stories, laughing, joking around, taking pictures and video clips. The younger ones were busy with toys and DVDs. My cousin Trina introduced her lovely little pets to us while we tried to enjoy Ratatouille.

Even after most relatives left, we still had a blast. My cousin Ikoy performed scenes from School of Rock. He’s such a performer I hope he becomes an actor when he grows up.

And then it was finally time for us to go home.

When I got home, that was the only time when I realized that since my aunt and her family will be planing to New Zealand pretty soon, Sundays will never be the same again. Gotta make the following Sundays really extra special then.