I hate how I've been staying up very late every night to surf, blog and organize my accounts.

Awhile ago, I decided to retain just one of my Yahoomail accounts (there are presently ten), just so I can retain my Yahoo Messenger account, which I always use. I just woke up one day and suddenly realized how complicated and not-so-easy on the eyes Yahoomail has become.

Which leads me to Gmail which I love love. I have only one Gmail account (msablan). Naturally, I wanted marksablan or mark.sablan but some other Mark Sablans have beat me to them. I'm so desperate I emailed them and asked if I could have the usernames, in case they're not using them anymore. I guess they still are and are understandably slefish. Or maybe they haven't been using them for the longest time.

I don't really like the sound of my present Gmail address and since I couldn't use those that I like, I checked the available ones: 1marksablan, marksablan1, ninomarksablan.

The last one seems to be the best although I am a Niño and not a Nino. Sadly, Gmail doesn't allow ñ in log-in names. Now I am really torn because one letter makes all the difference.

And then I'm not too hot about using a number in a log-in name - it's so obvious someone beat you to your original choice.

Solution? I made accounts for all three. I just need to take time to figure out which I'll be using.


Yesternight, I was on the verge of deleting my Multiply account. I felt like it was useless since I already have my LJ blog, a Photobucket account for my pics (most of which I don't really like to share) and a YouTube account for my vids. And then I saw my contacts and just didn't want to cut my Multiply ties with them - yet.

Awhile ago, I was ready to delete my MySpace account when I decided to check out my contacts first. I discovered RH is one of them and after looking at all his pics, decided not to delete my account - yet. He looks so yummers and I'm afraid I won't see his new pics if I delete my account.

Looks like I've got separation anxiety. I seriously have to grab my shoulders and shake my self.