During my grade school years, the subject I hated the most was Geography. I guess it was because we had to memorize a lot of things – from capitals and cities to the main source of livelihood and the exported products, from the name of the longest river or tallest mountain to the population.

Because I hated the subject, I didn’t like studying for it – which resulted to embarrassingly low grades every quarter. With this out in the open, it’s just understandable that the only reason why I know the municipality of Aparri is because of the “Eat Bulaga” jingle which starts with the line, “Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo…”

Last week, I once again boarded a plane for another assignment for the paper. This time, I planed to Laoag and then took a dizzying four-hour land trip to Aparri.

Honestly, that out-of-town trip was just like every other out-of-town trip in the past. Aparri sadly didn’t offer anything new. But don’t get me wrong. I guess we just didn’t have the time to explore the whole place. And the residents were awesome; they were warm and always helpful. It’s also good to know that the local government has great plans for the municipality.

What I enjoyed most about the trip was the company, as always. We were 9 in the group and every one was an interesting individual who had amazing stories to share. I got to bond and have great conversations with most of them – in the van, during meals, at the beach, at the airport and while watching a cool gay guy sing Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” at a local bar.

If there’s one thing I love the most about working for the paper, it’s definitely the fact that I get to meet people through it. I know so many amazingly entertaining beings and I have to thank the paper for being instrumental.

Oh, and not just people, gigantic bees too. I had a little photo opp with Jollibee in Aparri when they opened their 600th store over there last week.