I was looking at someone's blog and it didn't take long before I realized I didn't want to continue reading the rest of it. I couldn't believe I even added it to my Favorites in the first place. I guess I just wanted to be updated. I guess I just wanted to know whenever I'd make special guest appearances.

And then I saw how I needed to delete a lot of sites from my Favorites, that they weren't really actual favorites. Some of them were there just for the sake of being there. Some were like really ugly old decor that just didn't look good with the others anymore. And so I started deleting. A lot.

I am in that mood again. I want to go through my clothes and make sure I have just the basics. I want to check my contacts list and erase some. I want to take a good look at my room and make a list of material things I can live without - and then trash them. I want to go through all my articles and documents and works and burn those that mean nothing to me. (I remember trashing all my medals and certificates because I thought I wasn't proud of them. I realized I am proud of some of those accomplishments but I don't need medals and certificates to remind me of them.)

I want this life to be as light as possible and I am having so much fun figuring out the essential elements that should stay and help me grow. I am feeling so much fulfillment "throwing away" and letting go of material things, excess baggage, negative feelings and even certain people.

I'm feeling lighter and lighter everyday I think I will be ready to float pretty soon.