JY showed me some magazines from England awhile ago and it didn’t take many pages before I began missing my magazine. Flipping through the mags and seeing all those colors and layouts and mastheads gave me this rush and just made me both happy and a little sad at the same time.

I realized how much I’ve been missing being part of the magazine industry.

I miss brainstorming for topics and themes, assigning stories to contributors, approving pictures for the covers, even captioning. I miss attending press cons, meeting celebs, getting freebies no matter how shitty and useless they turn out to be. I miss the creative challenge, my staff and my title.

But I am in a different place now and I am undoubtedly fulfilled, happy and excited about my future in this field. I am happy with the people surrounding me, the incomparable experiences I’m having and what the future looks like.

So yeah, I miss the magazine, but what I have now – I don’t wanna miss it in the future.