Honeybun once told me that one of my roles in a lot of people’s lives is introducing new music.

Now that I think about it, I believe she’s right.

The songs I introduce to others may not be super super secret that only five people in the whole world know, but they’re definitely not mainstream and totally out there either.

I guess it’s that part of me that shuns anything and everything too popular, commercial or mainstream. (For example, I watched LOTR 1 when the second one came out, LOTR 2 when the third one came out and LOTR 3 a year after it was shown. I haven’t seen or read Harry Potter either.)

While I have a thing for musical acts that are typically not on radio or TV, I don’t necessarily hate those that are already playing out there. I just usually happen to not fall in love with the singles that they release. This is why I love love listening to the whole album because my favorite tracks usually are the unreleased ones that not a lot of people like.

I also don’t musically discriminate. Of course, I have my favorite bands and singers, while I hate some singers’ voice or delivery. But I know that for every singer out there, there must be at least one good song that they’ve written or at least interpreted. I don’t like a singer just because of his or her first single.

One thing that I love about my Honeybun is that we like the same pop songs:

Angel Eyes by Ace of Base
Resistor by Alisha’s Attic
Soulfully by Catie Curtis
Just Enough by Hoku
Somebody Already Broke My Heart by Sade
Never Felt Like This Before by Shaznay Lewis
She’s a popster while I love R&B, soul and groove which I’ve introduced to her through such songs:

Full Moon by Brandy
I Love You by Cheri Dennis
Can I Walk With You by India Arie
Bag Lady by Erykah Badu
Spoiled by Joss Stone
Before You Walk Out Of My Life by Monica

When I think about how I’ve introduced certain songs to certain people (who instantly or eventually loved them), I get this sense of fulfillment – knowing that we share the same appreciation for the song, and probably the same reasons for liking the song. I love it when during certain lines or notes, we just look at one another in awe. I love it when we crumple our faces in appreciation after the song’s last note. I love it when after the song, he or she shares favorite parts of the song.

I love how Bach fell in audio love with “Soulfully” by Catie Curtis, making it her ringtone every time her girlfriend called.

I love how Mae now likes Jann Arden’s “Wishing That” over “Insensitive” after I introduced it to her.

I love how my old team appreciated Shaznay’s “Never Felt Like This Before,” one of them even printing the lyrics so everyone could sing along.

Of course, I love how everyone I know is “annoyed’ with Brandy’s “Afrodisiac” because I play it all the time. It was on loop mode in my PC for two years at my old office. It was my ring tone. It was my message alert. It still is, actually. People I know have actually memorized lines because they get to listen to it all the time. Brandy should be mighty proud!

While I enjoy the fulfillment, the connections and the renewed friendships I get because of introducing songs to other people, I also like it when others introduce new songs to me, which rarely happens.

Recently though, Vampirella has been feeding my ear with lotsa great rock songs:

Look After You by The Fray
Collide by Howie Day
Wish I by Jem
Secret Smile by Semisonic
I Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
Always On Your Side by Sheryl Crow and Sting

And I am very grateful.

I super love love my favorite songs and one of the reasons why I love love them is because like I said earlier, they’re not too popular, mainstream or commercial. This is why I super love love it when I discover others who also know/like them. This is why I am selfish when it comes to my favorite songs. I don’t want everyone to know about them.

But since I already spilled some of them several lines ago, I might as well continue this new music introduction thingy with a personal project. Once I get to start using my iPod, I want to exchange iPods with friends so we both can discover new songs and even new favorites, who knows.

Once I get to start using my iPod, that is.