I've always been the impatient, ambitious, achieving kind. The type who presses the fast forward button just to get it over and done with. The kind who crams loads of activities in his planner and tries very hard to put a check before each and every to-do. The type who passionately believes in "so little time, so much to do."

Of course, I believe in time management and prioritizing too. Then again, they can only do so much. Even with them, one can still sometimes feel inadequate, slow, stupid, incompetent.

I've loaded myself with so many responsibilities, goals and ambitions recently and while I find myself complaining sometimes, I know I shouldn't because I like all the chaos, the busy-ness and the need to fix everything.

I like overloading myself. It makes me feel so alive. It makes me feel like I have a purpose this lifetime, no matter how seemingly trivial.

But I recently realized how exhausted I've been feeling lately.

I am kinda entertaining the thought of slowing down.

But I don't want the world to just pass me by. The world doesn't stop for anyone, especially for me.

So I guess I have to continue spinning like a top until I get appendicitis or something.