I fall in like, lust and love with people instantly.

I am so mesmerized by all sorts of people it seems like they’re food sometimes and I’m one happy and content overeater.

When I like someone, I want him to be in my thoughts all the time (which is not that hard since it usually happens automatically), I want to be with him all the time, I want to BE him. This is exactly why I love love The Talented Mr. Ripley. I see myself in Tom and I’ve had a lot of Dickies.

When I like someone, the feeling just gets better and better and better. The relationship evolves.

Sometimes, time or distance won’t cooperate, but that doesn’t change anything. The relationship still evolves.

There are times though when like starts to un-like or even worse, hate – with a passion.

Of course, it’s always sad because you did like something in that person once upon a time. It’s sad how the bad things can overshadow the good ones. But it happens.

I’ve un-liked someone in the past and I think I’m starting to un-like someone right now. It all starts with a realization: that despite the similarities, you two are different, you don’t want to be like that other person, and you think “killing” the other person is the best solution.

Someone hand me the scissors.