Just found out that my aunt had a little chitchat with Honeybun yesternight, when she went home first since I had to do overtime work.

My aunt fished for details about our relationship. She asked if everything was going well between me and Honeybun, since they've heard us fight a couple of times, and since she got to read this blog post of mine about wanting to give up on a relationship (which everyone thought was about Honeybun!). She asked if we had plans to get married, and if we wanted to have kids.

And then I learned they talked about my sexual preference! According to my aunt, her husband was wondering why a picture of Jude law was my wallpaper. She said even the maid thought I was kinda soft too.

Now that's what those questions were all about! I guess until now they can't grasp my bisexuality. I guess they're just afraid I'll turn gay gay gay once Honeybun and I break up.

I appreciate their concern and desire for us to stay together, but if it's just because they're scared I'll take home a boy once Honeybun and I break up, then I definitely don't need that.

I don't understand why they don't understand. But what can I do? I guess I just won't care after this post.